Classifieds ads rates


How you can publish classified ads in the “Afaceri Poligrafice”/”Graphic Arts Businesses” magazine:


The classified ads published in the “Afaceri Poligrafice”/”Graphic Arts Businesses” magazine will appear in the online version of the magazine, available on our web site and in the printed magazine also.


Write a copy of the classified ad that you want to publish. Let us know what classified ads section you intend to use. You can check in the online magazine the list of available classified ads sections (free of charge or paid). If we don't currently show the section that you want to use, please suggest one as we are very flexible.


Send us an e-mail ( with the classified ad that you want to publish or call us (+40 021.346.01.90) for more information.


The classified ads can be free of charge for the Romanian companies who publish less than 36 words if these companies do not usually sell or promote equipment or supplies and if the prices are specified within the ad.


There are several free of charge advertising sections:

  • labourers jobs wanted

  • managers jobs wanted


Free of charge classified ads are available to the companies who are registered in Romania only.


The ads of the following sections are always charged:

  • services wanted

  • auctions

  • businesses opportunities


If you want your classified ad to be issued without any restrictions or at a certain date, you will have to pay a fee:


For an ad containing 18 words – 35 RON VAT included (for exchange rates please visit an external website:

For an ad containing 36 words – 70 RON VAT included (for exchange rates please visit an external website:


The framed classified ads will be located in front of ordinary ads and the charge will be doubled. For background in yellow 60% the cost will be doubled again.

The classified ads which are not framed can be issued with bold and charged the same as the ones which are framed.

The full name of the equipment can be counted as one word.

You can issue in your ad in between 1 and 3 photos for the machines and products advertised on the sales sections.


The method of payment for classified ads:

Please send your payment order to AFACERI POLIGRAFICE SRL. account no (EUR COD IBAN): RO44RZBR0000060002406947 RaiffeisenBank S.A. Decebal branch and send us by fax: (004) 021 347 29 71 the payment proof (the copy of the payment order approved by your bank) and do not forget to include your classified ad and the name of your company, the e-mail address, the tax code, the trade register number, the account number and the name of your bank because we need these details in order to mail you the invoice/bill.

You can also pay cash at our headquarters, located on No 8 Energeticienilor Boulevard, district 3, Bucharest, Romania.


The deadline of the magazine's printed edition is one week before it is published.


For more information, please send an e-mail to