Display advertising rates

Display advertising rates

Format revista
Magazine format
 200/290 mm     
Width×height   1/2 page size

97x290 mm

(brut: 107x300 mm)

1/1 page size

200×290 mm

(brut: 210x300 mm)

1/6 page size 83.5x87 mm
     1/8 page size 83.5x64 mm

1/2 page  size

200x145 mm

(brut: 210x155 mm)

1/3 page size

68x290 mm

(brut: 78x300 mm)

1/3 page size 172x78 mm 1/3 page size

83.5x179 mm


1/4 page size


83.5x133 mm

1/6 page size


54x133 mm


1/4 page size


172x65 mm

1/8 page size

172x30 mm


1/12 page size

54x64 mm

1/12 page size

1/16 page size

1/32 page size

83.5x41 mm

83.5x30 mm

83.5x20 mm

joined pages

2x200x290 mm (brut: 2x210x300 mm)

1x400x290 mm (brut: 410x300 mm)

2nd cover 200x290 mm (brut: 210x300 mm)
3rd cover 200x290 mm (brut: 210x300 mm)
4th cover 200x290 mm (brut: 210x300 mm) 



Display ads size Graphic size(mm) Black / white ads (EURO) Process colours ads (EURO)
1/1 full page brut: 210x300, finit: 200x290 447 537
1/;2 page 200x145 / 97x290 297  357
1/3 page 172x78 / 83.5x179 217 265
1/4 page 172x65 / 83.5x133 168 207
1/6 page 83.5x87 121 151
1/8 page 172x30 / 83.5x64 97 121
1/12 page 83.5x41 64 78
1/16 page 83.5x30 49 64
1/32 page 83.5x20 39 49
box on the front cover 20x8 - 49
joined pages 2x200x290 - 897
4th cover brut: 210x300, finit: 200x290 - 807
2nd cover brut: 210x300, finit: 200x290 - 717
3rd cover brut: 210x300, finit: 200x290 - 676

Mircea Aprofirei – 0722.242.746For more information about the displayed advertising rates, please contact our marketing department:


tel./fax: 021 346 0190

fax: 021 347 2971

E-mail: succes@afaceri-poligrafice.ro


Important information:

Additional costs:

  • for special/preferential positioning: + 10%

  • for graphics processing: + 10%


  • for consecutive or simultaneous appearances in the magazine

    2 appearances – 5% discount

    3 appearances – 7% discount

    4 appearances – 9% discount

    6 appearances – 12% discount

    12 appearances – 15% discount

  • 5% discount for full payment in advance of all consecutive or simultaneous appearances contracted




The inserts will be supplied by the customers.

Maximum size: 198x288mm/sheet


The inserts can be broached within the magazine, in which case they will be delivered in a raw format of 210x300 mm.

 Our price is 262 eur/file

Important information:

Before printing the inserts we must agree on the exact number of printed copies and also on the date on which your ad will arrive in the hands of the recipients.


The banners and the web sites will be provided by the customers.


For every paid display Ad or insert displayed in the magazine, the client will receive a free complimentary digital banner in the format of 150 by 150 pixels




The method of payment for displayed advertising:

Please send your payment order to AFACERI POLIGRAFICE SRL. account no (EUR COD IBAN): RO44RZBR0000060002406947 RaiffeisenBank S.A. Decebal branch and send us by fax: (004) 021 347 29 71 the payment proof (the copy of the payment order approved by your bank) and do not forget to include your displayed ad and the name of your company, the e-mail address, the tax code, the trade register number, the account number and the name of your bank because we need these details in order to mail you the invoice/bill.

You can also pay cash at our headquarters, located on No 8 Energeticienilor Boulevard, district 3, Bucharest, Romania.


The deadline of the magazine's printed edition is one week before it is published.


For more information, please send an e-mail to succes@afaceri-poligrafice.ro.

Senior Editor

Mircea Aprofirei - +40722 242 746