Background Information about The Magazine, Afaceri Poligrafice

Afaceri Poligrafice periodically publishes articles concerning everything related to the graphic arts, packaging, marketing and the advertising industry. The technical articles introduce vital information to the readers, outlining the manufacturing processes and machinery required to gain an edge in today’s highly competitive market. We have over eighteen years of experience and during this lengthy period of time we have successfully released a monthly issue of the magazine without any interruptions.

Business owners, managers and the viewers alike, appreciate the classified Ads which are skillfully arranged within the magazine. The attention to detail and masterful application of art notions are reflective of the devotion of the Afaceri Poligrafice team to providing only the highest quality magazine. Afaceri Poligrafice offers unparalleled insight into the world of printing equipment and machinery.

The magazine offers the opportunity for employers to be connected with skilled professionals within the field of printing. This ensures that companies in the domain of printing are able to hire competent employees to satisfy the current demands of the market.

The Advertisements displayed inside the magazine are diverse, ranging from graphic supplies to specialized services, and cutting edge technology. This enables the readers to make an informed decision about the acquisition of these specific products or services. The Ad’s published within the magazine by independent firms will have an overwhelming impact in terms of increasing their exposure and sales in Romania, respectively.

For every paid display Ad or insert displayed in the magazine, the client will receive a free complimentary digital banner in the format of 150 by 150 pixels with a maximum size of 16 KB.

Afaceri Poligrafice has approximately 3000 subscribers in its database. However, we are continuously striving to increase the number of subscribers and will gladly register new users.

In the event that Afaceri Poligrafice is present at an exhibition we shall distribute between 500-1000 copies of the magazine to visitors who are interested.